From the Journal of science and news, experts from United Kingdom and Brazil have discovered what they believe is evidence that the Amazon zone in western Brazil are not pristine.  Before the arrivals of Europeans, this area was known to have been deforested to a certain extent in order to produce large geo-glyphs patterns on the ground.  These 450 geometrical shapes that was discovered has baffled some of the archaeologist.  There was only a few artifacts found from some of the excavation and based on the current knowledge, they believe it might’ve been a gathering place for ritual purposes.

All four of the shapes are within a 13,000 km² area and thought to be untouched by civilization.  Because of current human encroachment, the discoveries of the geometrical shapes were found.  One archaeologist Ms. Watling is concerned with two questions.  One is how much of an impact did it make when these sheets were formed?  The second question posed is – was the area already a jungle forest when these were built?

From the first question, they did try to answer it by building a computer model that reconstructed historical fire and vegetation that goes back several thousand years.  The computer model focused on two areas of geo-glyphs and the results were that the deforestation was very minimal and only temporary.  This means that they did not do large-scale burning for example, for the purpose of agriculture or even for these interesting geo-glyphs shapes.

The conclusion is perhaps, they certain types of species of trees because there was a market for them during that time.  This means that the force back then might’ve looked different in terms of biodiversity than what we have today because there are some species that did not make it through to our time because they were harvested long ago.  The archaeologist warns that this practice did not hold true in other areas and also it was done at a very slow rate.  This not hold suggestions that it gives the right to remove current vegetation because it was done back then, it was just done very slow giving time for the forest to recover.  This is much different than what we do today as things get harvested very fast and the areas needed are much larger.

The technology of solar panels has come a long way and it has been proven to be successful renewable energy.  Many naysayers are saying that it still unproven which is a farce.  Furthermore the technology and materials used have been improving over the last five years.  The tech in itself has been used not just for rooftops but also used for powering our cell towers, space devices that are used for exploration and for oil derricks.

Another problem with some of the naysayers is that they believe it does not work in colder climates or areas with less sunlight as compared to less say a desert.  One interesting stat that debunks this is the northeastern states of Massachusetts along with New Jersey are in the top 10 for solar energy.  Yes it may because some of their laws are more pro-solar, but it doesn’t take away that they are using it because it is effective.  The States of New York and Vermont are gaining traction and could break the top 10 in the next few years.  What is telling is that the area that you’re in does not require full sunshine like California or Nevada in order to produce sufficient electricity.

If you look at the stats globally, in Germany is a leader in solar power and has the most installed solar Tech in the world.  The weather in Germany is comparable to to that of state of Washington, which we all know in many parts of that state rains a lot.

The other issues that may cause consumers to feel skeptical about solar energy is that it unattractive especially when you install those ugly panels.  There is one company that will produce attractive panels that balances well with rooftops and besides, who looks at your roof unless you are flying.

One more thing to note is the cost of the panels as some segment of consumers still feel that it is expensive to have on your rooftop.  The good thing is that it has come down in price or the last five years and will continue as the material and technology improves.  Another key point is many American homeowners can get support from their state to help reduce the installation cost by choosing financial programs that will help spread the costs over one or two decades.  The upside is that you will save lots of money down the road.

Note 7 Banned

Currently the situation is that no one have the permission to bring on board a plane the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because they are able to combust. If you havent had the opportunity to swap your mobile yet, you should do it now.


Anyone found attempting to come forth on a flight with a Note 7 will have it confiscated and possibly have to pay a fine.  The TSA is will be on the lookout and actively trying to find this note phone at checkpoints.  If the passenger is found with this mobile device, he or she will be unable to fly.  Not only that if so happens that the person is able to bring on the plane, it can be confiscated.  In those who attempts to bring in a Note 7 within their suitcase or bags could face the possibility of a prosecution.

Technology bringing safety to female runners

In other news, a 34-year-old female named Erin Kelly, is an avid runner and likes to run on long trails.  She has run many miles that have been logged by her favourite apps with histories from recorded trails in Morocco, France and America. She’s committed to as a keeps her emotionally and physically healthy.  So given every opportunity she’s going to run.

But with care at heart today, she runs like other female runners who would like to do it on their own. High profile news of girls who’ve been attacked and even killed while running has made it a bit not safe.  As for Kelly, who don’t have any on what time of day she can run, she jogs at night because of work.

Did you know that men are outnumbered by woman, as females make up over half of the 40 million joggers in America, in accordance with the National Sports Goods Assoc.  Recent data of assaults are not as detailed or available as for crimes.  So statistics may be flawed in that area.

The best way to stay safe is to run with a friend or avoid areas of danger and this can be found in an app.

Kelly uses an app that sends out texts to five individuals that she has in her emergency contact while she runs.  The five individuals have access to see where she is located in the app.  Should she is more cautious as there has been recent news of 3 murders of female runners, all in the states of Massachusetts, New York State and Michigan.  This app gives her safety especially running at night alone.

Runners may set up an alarm system in this app that shows information every five minutes to their emergency contact. Users take actions if they’re concerned and can pinpoint their runner’s location. It will make the app user or safe as someone will always know where that runner is currently.

In the United States, the state of California is leading the way in solar energy by solar reduction on a yearly basis.  Not only is solar power huge but also hybrid vehicles that utilizes plug-in electricity outlets to power the motor.  What is more remarkable is that the number of patents involving clean energy has been issued at the most it has ever been in previous years.

This isn’t surprising since it is a large state with a lot of sunshine.  In the Riverside , Ontario, and and San Bernardino location is the number one producing residential and commercial solar electricity out of the other 26 large metro areas in the state of California.

The Trio of Power

This so-called Inland Empire is producing more clean energy than the Los Angeles, Anaheim and Long Beach area as well as the Carlsbad and San Diego metro area.

This Empire has doubled the amount of residential solar amount than that of Silicon Valley.  What this tells everyone is that the middle class is utilizing renewable energy in solar panels for their homes at a very high rate.  Solar panels have always been expensive and considered luxurious 10 years ago but today it has grown and becoming popular amongst the middle-class.  With the falling cost of this technology as well as incentives by the government with tax breaks and also zero down finance which is offered by solar companies in the state such as solar city.

In the San Bernardino area large retailers are also jumping into the fray of solar panels such as IKEA and Walmart.  These box stores have been installing panels within this area.

Young Families leading the Way

Looking at the demographics of the Inland Empire is dominated by younger families as compared to other large areas such as Los Angeles and San Diego.  These younger family might be more interested in renewable energy because they are more health conscious of the air quality especially in the Southern California region.  Evidently this area is renowned for its very high carbon emission so it makes sense for these young families to go and purchase solar panels for their rooftops of their homes.

Many millennial’s are at that age of having steady jobs and just recently surpass in population of the baby boomers.  With the money and a younger fresher outlook of being more health conscious in terms of food as well as air quality, are leading the path to a new California.

Remember that California is a six largest economy in the world on its own with the GDP that has been risen by 30% from the early 90s to 2014.  And during the past decade greenhouse emissions within state have fallen close to 22%.  The state is a global powerhouse and has the power to expand its economy and its growth with the focus of clean energy.  It is truly making a difference and hopefully other states will follow through with the focus of renewable energy.

Bangladesh is one of the top countries surfacing with many renewable sources, which suggests that Bangladesh has the prospective to turn into one of the biggest as well as most prominent globe economic power of this century. The nation was shaken by political chaos in the very early component of this years, the security has gone better in the current and has help the development in renewable energy projects.

The gas reserves are anticipated to go out by 2020, while the coal reserves are anticipated to tire themselves with extreme boosting usage of the rural areas. The federal government has actually currently spent big quantities of cash behind brand-new solar grids along with a nuclear plant that is to be set up in Rooppur.

The only issue is many parts of Bangladesh are prone to unpredictable climate especially floods, and also when disrupted, might create ecological as well as health and wellness catastrophes.  One example from other countries is the Ukraine (Chernobyl) and also Japan (Fukushima) are amongst the targets of such disasters.

Usage of non-renewable power sources has multi-faceted ecological and also wellness dangers. Burning of nonrenewable fuel sources like coal as well as oil for power generation gives off greenhouse gases like co2, which are largely creating issues in the Earth’s ozone layer deficiency, and worldwide warming, as well as breathing illness.

Acid rainfall developed by the exhaust of chemicals like sulfur right into the environment, typically as an outcome of conversion of nonrenewable fuel sources right into electrical energy, wears away equipment and also often significantly damages to the regional environments.

The only way that these renewable projects can survive is to focus on making optimal usage of renewable resource resources by bringing in experts. It will certainly assist in alleviating any kind of lack concerns, while substantially lowering the reliance on non-renewable natural deposits.

Just 62 percent of Bangladeshis currently have the accessibility to electrical energy(2014). The solar power have been built in some areas and have shown some positive signs in fixing the impending situation on a property, commercial, local, as well as also nationwide range.

Currently they are 786 lights posts in the Chittagong area and is completely powered by the usage of solar innovation.  According to a record in Reuters, the intro of solar power in 1996 in Bangladesh, which is continuously broadening, has actually currently conserved 200,000 tonnes of kerosene in monetary terms this has saved $180 million in 18 years.

America has already shot over of the prior heavy weight champ Germany when it comes to wind energy manufacturing. With this, United States needs to be grateful in order to further preserve mother nature especially being a top user of solar panels.   The goal is promote better technological innovation because some of these wind farms do cause harm to birds and bats.

The biggest asset is what Nature offers and that is the  powerful wind flow that the U.S possess.  Now if you compare to Germany, the chief overseer from the States Wind Power Organization, asserted that the States wind flow energy capability keeps growing quicker than any place in the world.

However, if we attempt to see these statistics in a different way, Germany makes use of 7 % of the energy through wind flow plus Denmark produces 20 or so per cent associated with energy through wind turbine. Blowing wind power simply comprises 1.2 percent of overall energy usage in the united states.

History of Energy in 2008

Existing gas costs along with taxation bonuses have formulated a good atmosphere among the citizens with regard to wind power linked ventures. The USA Wind Power Organization additionally quoted that after the entire year of ’08, less than 10, 500 MW were connected with wind turbine power. This particular increase is a 45 Percent boost through the prior season (’07).

An additional cause with regard to this jump is associated with improvement within wind flow energy are from the result of a good environment procedure through government intervention. The government taxes rewards and also discounts were rewarded to individuals and business who installed solar tech.

Renewable energy in Electric Cars

Many large manufacturers such as Nissan and Chevy are planning to increase their productions of electric vehicles.  The issue is now is there enough plugs for the them also known as PEV, which stands for plug in Electric Vehicles. The goal or trend is that in the United States they are planning to have over or around 400,000 of these plug outlets.  Not surprising is state of California and New York are leading the way.

Many of the research have gathered data see the potential in terms of sales across the United States and to determine which cities will lead the way. We want to build models to demonstrate some trends so car companies can provide enough infrastructure to charge many of their electrical vehicles.

There is four main cities that they are focused on and they are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and San Diego.  Next state to jump in is Florida which is forecasted to have a high demand because like California it is a driving culture

Renewable energy is growing every day in the home use area. The technology has become better and the materials used to build it are becoming cheaper for the homeowners. With the availability of solar units, come different varieties and companies. This is confusing for many homeowners because it is still kind of a new thing technology as it is currently hitting the mainstream.

In the past home owners looking to purchase solar panels for the house, this means the larger units that are installed on top of their roofs, were really expensive 5 years ago. The price of these have dramatically dropped to around $10,000- $15,000 for the panels along with the installation cost. Many states in the United States provide tax breaks and incentives for the purchaser.

Smaller Units(Path Lights and Chargers)

Let’s look at the smaller units; the solar chargers and particularly the  outdoor lighting for home use that uses solar technology that are powers LED light bulbs. These little units are gaining traction and popularity amongst landscapers and gardeners.

So what are the advantages of using these little units for your backyard?

Really if there is one major big advantage, it’s the fact that you don’t have to worry about them when it is set up. Basically there is no wiring and you will spend zero dollars on electrical bill for these little units.

walway Solar_ units

During the daytime these little units will harvest the power of the sun and that is enough energy to light up the LED bulbs throughout night. The brightness of these bulbs is just perfect to light up your beautiful garden during the evenings.

You have to understand this is very efficient in terms of being environmental friendly because you are leaving a small footprint. The cost of these little units can range from five dollars uppers to $80, depending on the quality of the material and type of bulb.

Visit the following link to find a list of the best units involving solar paths lights and their detailed advantages.

Medium-size units

At many locations that sell home hardware, you will find many medium-size solar power units. The cost ranges from $25 upwards to thousand dollars. Many are used for powering their sheds or the cabin/cottage.

Occasionally these are okay for backup electricity in case of a blackout but understand these are not as powerful as backup generators. Just as long as these have a good amount of sunlight during the day these will be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. The ones that range in the $1000 price have the capability of powering boats, RVs and smaller homes. Many of these units are usually weatherproof so their durability is very robust.

solar panels cells

The slightly smaller medium-size units are very handy in our opinion because they are pretty portable and light. They can charge such items as large batteries that power ATVs, smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and water crafts. What is cool is that the technology in today’s medium size units has the capability of charging even on cloudy days.


The warranty for solar panels units are very good as you will find some them will have a 25 year warranty( per panel) in the more expensive units that are in the $1000 range. Usually in the medium-size solar power units they will have 2 – 4 large panels. Also in this warranty includes a one year for the controller and inverter, which is the heart of the unit.