Benefits of Having a Garden

The decision to have a garden of your own presents itself with great responsibility as well as tremendous benefits. You need a lot of commitment, efforts and care to have a full fledged garden in your backyard so that it grows into a blessing of nature and fulfillment. The decision of having a garden and the whole process of setting it up requires extensive planning, knowledge and understanding of the various intricacies involved with gardening. The investment in terms of money, land and effort that you need for having a garden for yourselves varies based on the size of the garden that you choose to have. There are different sized gardens and there is no set limit for you to adhere to. However obviously if you go for bigger sized garden then it will require bigger investment of your time and energy however the benefits will also be higher in every aspect. So go green!

Personal benefits of having a garden

There are various types of benefits that an individual can harness on their gardens. This includes personal, environmental and social amongst others. Some of the personal benefits and joys that you can get out of your gardens are as follows.

First and foremost you get freshest fruits as well as vegetables for your personal consumption. The fruits and vegetables that you buy from the market have been picked out a long time back as they travel quite a distance and through various chains to reach the consumer. Also your fruits and vegetables are likely to be more nutritious since the ones on the market are mostly sprayed with chemicals these days. Apart from this, since you have abundance fruits as well as vegetables on your personal garden you are likely to have a healthy diet by consuming those nutrient filled crop. Also gardening encourages physical activity which in turn will help you in keeping fit and healthy. The nutrient rich crop also means that you get abundance of vitamins, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals which helps you in healthy diet.

Gardening is a soothing experience. To see stuff grow in front of your own eyes makes you appreciate nature even more. Gardening also stimulates nurturing skills and curiosity. It is a fun thing to indulge when you want to detox from your daily stress. Gardening also provides financial assistance since you can earn a good amount of money from selling the crop in the market. Once you have invested in the garden, there are long term commercial benefits from gardening.

Environmental benefits of having a garden

There are multiple environmental benefits and advantages of having a garden in your backyard. It helps in improving the health of the environment. The trees and greenery in the garden help in reducing the carbon-di-oxide and enhancing the flow of oxygen in the surroundings. It also provides shade and helps in maintaining a cool air around even during the hot summers. You can recycle waste and use it as compost for your plants in the garden which in turns protects the environment from harmful effects.