Green Party Spectrum: Sources and Benefits

Green or renewable energy refer to the energy obtained from natural resources such as sun, wind, biomass, low impact water facilities and geothermal sources among others. The increasing availability of the green/renewable energy has reduced the overdependence on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuel. The adoption of renewable energy technologies is a common current trend that has spread to most parts around the world. There are a number of initiatives been developed to aid in promoting the adoption of green/renewable energy. Various certification and accreditation programs have been designed to aid most consumers get the best from green power. Non-renewable sources of energy continue depleting our natural resources and we must think of a time when this sources won’t be there anymore.

Green Energy Windmill

Human activities are increasingly overloading the atmosphere day in day out with harmful substances such as carbon (IV) oxide and other warming emissions. This has consequently resulted into increase in global warming. Though we mind so much on broadening our profits margins, we should also mind about the impacts of those hazardous emissions we release into the atmosphere on our future lives.

Benefits of renewable sources of energy

  • Renewable sources of energy aid reduce instances of global warming. Green power emits LITTLE to NO harmful emissions into the atmosphere and we should consider promoting it at all costs.
  • Renewable sources of energy helps improve environment quality and boost the general public health. Instead of using those unhealthy fossils that are linked to numerous health problems, we can utilize the safe and healthy renewable energy sources.
  • Renewable sources of energy offer reliable supply of energy unlike the non-renewable ones.
  • Renewable sources of energy aid in promoting job creation as it is labor-intensive unlike non-renewable ones that are highly mechanized.
  • Renewable sources of energy offer energy at stable and affordable prices. Close analysis of the prices of most non-renewable sources of energy indicate that their prices are highly unstable compared to renewable sources.
  • Renewable sources of energy provide reliable energy. Most coal, nuclear and natural gas power largely depend on huge amount water for purposes of cooling. During the times of drought, such sources become unavailable or are adversely affected posing a challenge to energy availability. We can mitigate such problems through relying and promoting renewable sources of energy.

Sources of green/renewable energy

The various renewable sources of energy include the following;

  1. Solar energy; this refer to the energy harnessed from the sun. It is collected, converted in a number of ways and stored for future use. Solar Power
  2. Hydroelectric power; this is the energy generated from potentially elevated water by utilizing the gravitational force. It is the widely used form of energy around the world.
  3. Geothermal energy; this refer to the energy left behind after the radioactive decay from the interior of the earth. It can provide a reliable source of energy.Geothermal
  4. Wind power; the varying temperatures in different places of the earth make air move from one place to another. The moving air or rather wind can be used to pump water or generate electricity.
  5. Biomass; plants too can be a reliable source of energy. Such energy harnessed from plants is termed as biomass.
  6. Fuel and hydrogen cells; this is another source of renewable energy that can be utilized. They are abundant in supply and can be greatly utilized to reduce overdependence on the non-renewable energy sources.
  7. Wave Energy; wave motion energy can e harnessed to yield a significant electric power.

Promoting the adoption of renewable energy is one way we can get assured of saving on the depletion of non-renewable sources and have hope for energy for tomorrow. It is beyond reasonable doubt that renewable sources of energy have high potential to meet our daily electric power needs and we have no better option than to adopt it.

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