How Many Charging Station are needed for Electrical Cars in 2017?

Renewable energy in Electric Cars

Many large manufacturers such as Nissan and Chevy are planning to increase their productions of electric vehicles.  The issue is now is there enough plugs for the them also known as PEV, which stands for plug in Electric Vehicles. The goal or trend is that in the United States they are planning to have over or around 400,000 of these plug outlets.  Not surprising is state of California and New York are leading the way.

Many of the research have gathered data see the potential in terms of sales across the United States and to determine which cities will lead the way. We want to build models to demonstrate some trends so car companies can provide enough infrastructure to charge many of their electrical vehicles.

There is four main cities that they are focused on and they are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and San Diego.  Next state to jump in is Florida which is forecasted to have a high demand because like California it is a driving culture