San Bernadino, Riverside and Ontario – Powerhouses of Clean Energy of California

In the United States, the state of California is leading the way in solar energy by solar reduction on a yearly basis.  Not only is solar power huge but also hybrid vehicles that utilizes plug-in electricity outlets to power the motor.  What is more remarkable is that the number of patents involving clean energy has been issued at the most it has ever been in previous years.

This isn’t surprising since it is a large state with a lot of sunshine.  In the Riverside , Ontario, and and San Bernardino location is the number one producing residential and commercial solar electricity out of the other 26 large metro areas in the state of California.

The Trio of Power

This so-called Inland Empire is producing more clean energy than the Los Angeles, Anaheim and Long Beach area as well as the Carlsbad and San Diego metro area.

This Empire has doubled the amount of residential solar amount than that of Silicon Valley.  What this tells everyone is that the middle class is utilizing renewable energy in solar panels for their homes at a very high rate.  Solar panels have always been expensive and considered luxurious 10 years ago but today it has grown and becoming popular amongst the middle-class.  With the falling cost of this technology as well as incentives by the government with tax breaks and also zero down finance which is offered by solar companies in the state such as solar city.

In the San Bernardino area large retailers are also jumping into the fray of solar panels such as IKEA and Walmart.  These box stores have been installing panels within this area.

Young Families leading the Way

Looking at the demographics of the Inland Empire is dominated by younger families as compared to other large areas such as Los Angeles and San Diego.  These younger family might be more interested in renewable energy because they are more health conscious of the air quality especially in the Southern California region.  Evidently this area is renowned for its very high carbon emission so it makes sense for these young families to go and purchase solar panels for their rooftops of their homes.

Many millennial’s are at that age of having steady jobs and just recently surpass in population of the baby boomers.  With the money and a younger fresher outlook of being more health conscious in terms of food as well as air quality, are leading the path to a new California.

Remember that California is a six largest economy in the world on its own with the GDP that has been risen by 30% from the early 90s to 2014.  And during the past decade greenhouse emissions within state have fallen close to 22%.  The state is a global powerhouse and has the power to expand its economy and its growth with the focus of clean energy.  It is truly making a difference and hopefully other states will follow through with the focus of renewable energy.