Solar Panels Current Status: Small to Medium Size for Home Use

Renewable energy is growing every day in the home use area. The technology has become better and the materials used to build it are becoming cheaper for the homeowners. With the availability of solar units, come different varieties and companies. This is confusing for many homeowners because it is still kind of a new thing technology as it is currently hitting the mainstream.

In the past home owners looking to purchase solar panels for the house, this means the larger units that are installed on top of their roofs, were really expensive 5 years ago. The price of these have dramatically dropped to around $10,000- $15,000 for the panels along with the installation cost. Many states in the United States provide tax breaks and incentives for the purchaser.

Smaller Units(Path Lights and Chargers)

Let’s look at the smaller units; the solar chargers and particularly the  outdoor lighting for home use that uses solar technology that are powers LED light bulbs. These little units are gaining traction and popularity amongst landscapers and gardeners.

So what are the advantages of using these little units for your backyard?

Really if there is one major big advantage, it’s the fact that you don’t have to worry about them when it is set up. Basically there is no wiring and you will spend zero dollars on electrical bill for these little units.

walway Solar_ units

During the daytime these little units will harvest the power of the sun and that is enough energy to light up the LED bulbs throughout night. The brightness of these bulbs is just perfect to light up your beautiful garden during the evenings.

You have to understand this is very efficient in terms of being environmental friendly because you are leaving a small footprint. The cost of these little units can range from five dollars uppers to $80, depending on the quality of the material and type of bulb.

Visit the following link to find a list of the best units involving solar paths lights and their detailed advantages.

Medium-size units

At many locations that sell home hardware, you will find many medium-size solar power units. The cost ranges from $25 upwards to thousand dollars. Many are used for powering their sheds or the cabin/cottage.

Occasionally these are okay for backup electricity in case of a blackout but understand these are not as powerful as backup generators. Just as long as these have a good amount of sunlight during the day these will be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. The ones that range in the $1000 price have the capability of powering boats, RVs and smaller homes. Many of these units are usually weatherproof so their durability is very robust.

solar panels cells

The slightly smaller medium-size units are very handy in our opinion because they are pretty portable and light. They can charge such items as large batteries that power ATVs, smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and water crafts. What is cool is that the technology in today’s medium size units has the capability of charging even on cloudy days.


The warranty for solar panels units are very good as you will find some them will have a 25 year warranty( per panel) in the more expensive units that are in the $1000 range. Usually in the medium-size solar power units they will have 2 – 4 large panels. Also in this warranty includes a one year for the controller and inverter, which is the heart of the unit.