I love islands, especially tropical warm ones with beautiful beaches and palm trees.   Many of these islands are home to a diversity of living species and plants. The Galapagos Islands for instance, which has a total of 13 islands, is a pretty isolated island in the pacific with numerous animal-life including the famous giant and long living Galapagos Tortoises. The nearest landmass is the Country of Ecuador which is 1000 kilometers away.

Large Tortoises

The Galapagos for those living under a rock, is where the Great Darwin came up with the theory of Evolution. He study and monitored the area of the islands and stayed there for many years.  That was over a hundred and fifty years ago and the island itself is a hot tourist spot nowadays. With the influx of tourist, the airport began a revolution in its design back in 2011.

With a price tag of 40 million the airport runs entirely on solar and wind power. Incredible isn’t it? I say a huge yes to that being that it’s hundred percent green.

What is further incredible is that the airport use to host military units from planes to other aircraft during World War 2. The airport was only erected during that time for the military. Now with the new renovations, the Baltra airport has over 400,000 people that come pass through its doors.

In 2014 the airport received an award from the American Green Council for its achievements in its green energy design.

With the achievement, I hope this will be a model for many airports which have the same ecosystem.