Tech News October 2016

Note 7 Banned

Currently the situation is that no one have the permission to bring on board a plane the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because they are able to combust. If you havent had the opportunity to swap your mobile yet, you should do it now.


Anyone found attempting to come forth on a flight with a Note 7 will have it confiscated and possibly have to pay a fine.  The TSA is will be on the lookout and actively trying to find this note phone at checkpoints.  If the passenger is found with this mobile device, he or she will be unable to fly.  Not only that if so happens that the person is able to bring on the plane, it can be confiscated.  In those who attempts to bring in a Note 7 within their suitcase or bags could face the possibility of a prosecution.

Technology bringing safety to female runners

In other news, a 34-year-old female named Erin Kelly, is an avid runner and likes to run on long trails.  She has run many miles that have been logged by her favourite apps with histories from recorded trails in Morocco, France and America. She’s committed to as a keeps her emotionally and physically healthy.  So given every opportunity she’s going to run.

But with care at heart today, she runs like other female runners who would like to do it on their own. High profile news of girls who’ve been attacked and even killed while running has made it a bit not safe.  As for Kelly, who don’t have any on what time of day she can run, she jogs at night because of work.

Did you know that men are outnumbered by woman, as females make up over half of the 40 million joggers in America, in accordance with the National Sports Goods Assoc.  Recent data of assaults are not as detailed or available as for crimes.  So statistics may be flawed in that area.

The best way to stay safe is to run with a friend or avoid areas of danger and this can be found in an app.

Kelly uses an app that sends out texts to five individuals that she has in her emergency contact while she runs.  The five individuals have access to see where she is located in the app.  Should she is more cautious as there has been recent news of 3 murders of female runners, all in the states of Massachusetts, New York State and Michigan.  This app gives her safety especially running at night alone.

Runners may set up an alarm system in this app that shows information every five minutes to their emergency contact. Users take actions if they’re concerned and can pinpoint their runner’s location. It will make the app user or safe as someone will always know where that runner is currently.