Why We Need to GO Green

Okay let’s get the benefits of solar power. Why bring this up? Well United States is pushing $150 million in the following years to get away from the dependents of dirty and polluted energy. The main benefit that many people know is that solar power provides your own household with its own electricity. How much electricity? Well the biggest issue decade ago is not how much electricity he can produce but the cost as well.

Today the cost has dramatically dropped especially in the past two or three years. New technology has emerged and materials become more cheaply especially plastic and silicon. Now that solar systems are more affordable to the public and the efficiency of producing electricity increased, the popularity has boomed in America.

The best part of having your electricity is the lower electrical bill every month. Throw in the fact that the government has provided credits or tax credits to those who implement a solar system onto their rooftop.

The cost of such a solar system can range from $10,000-$20,000. This may seem a lot but you have to take into account that he will pay itself in 10 years and also with the help of the government depending on the state will cover some of the cost.

Another benefit is that these solar systems do not have any noise or produce any noise and best of all there is no air pollution. Nowadays many countries the West have been focused on the issues of pollution as well as global warming.

floods from global warning

The Obama administration has taken a stance with the leading scientist that predicts the negative impacts of the planet warming up. There has been test and models that have shown rising waters because of the melting of the Arctic at a alarming rate. New York City could be a victim of high waters in the next hundred years unless all levels of governments work together.